Mr. Rick Cirolli MD. Specialist in General & Emergency Surgery, Affiliated FACP (Fellow of Australasian College of Phlebology)  Dr Karen Parker MBChB FASBP  Vascular Sonographer Ms Bronwen Allen DSR (Diploma Society Radiography), DMU II (Diploma Medical Ultrasound)

Mr. Rick Cirolli MD. Specialist in General & Emergency Surgery, Affiliated FACP (Fellow of Australasian College of Phlebology)

Dr Karen Parker MBChB FASBP

Vascular Sonographer Ms Bronwen Allen DSR (Diploma Society Radiography), DMU II (Diploma Medical Ultrasound)

Varicose Vein Clinic

Our Varicose Vein Surgeon, Mr Rick Cirolli and Dr Karen Parker(with 22 years experience) work alongside Ms Bronwen Allen, Vascular sonographer to provide expert care for your varicose veins. After a dedicated vein map our vein specialist Mr Rick Cirolli can discuss the best vein treatment for you. Spider vein treatments and cosmetic vein treatments are also offered in this clinic.

Varicose veins are a very common condition affecting both men and woman. They look like bulging, twisted rope-like cords on the legs, often affecting the entire leg.

While the visual impact of varicose veins may be obvious for all to see, the other symptoms associated with the condition are not. In addition to the visual appearance, many patients may experience one or more of the following leg symptoms:

  • Pain (aching or cramping feeling)

  • Heaviness/tiredness

  • Burning or tingling sensations

  • Swelling/throbbing

  • Tender areas around the veins

Non treated varicose veins may progress to more serious complications:

  • Varicose vein ulcers

  • Inflammation (phlebitis)

  • Blood clots (in superficial or deep veins)

  • Bleeding

    If you are experiencing any of the above, consult your doctor or our specialist, as treatment may be required.

EVLA, UGS and Spider Veins

EndoVenous Laser Ablation (EVLA) and Ultrasound Guided Sclerotheraphy (UGS) is considered the gold standard treatment for varicose veins. This procedure eliminates symptoms, unsightly varicose veins and ulcers. There is no need for general anaesthesia or hospital stay, no scarring, no lengthy recovery and no time off work. The treatment takes 60-90 minutes and most patients experience relief from symptoms and return to enjoying everyday activities. 

Benefits of EVLT & UGS

  • Up to 98% success rate

  • Prompt relief of symptoms

  • Faster healing of varicose veins ulcers

  • No need to take time off work

  • No general anaesthesia or hospitalisation

  • No scars


EndoVenous Laser Ablation (EVLA) has high success and low complication rates. Traditionally, varicose vein treatment has required general anaesthesia and painful surgery (called high ligation and stripping or only ligation). EVLA is performed under local anaesthesia. EVLA provides a proven, minimally invasive treatment that allows patients to return to their everyday lives. During the procedure, a laser fibre is introduced inside the varicose vein under ultrasound guidance. The energy from the laser damages the lining of the vein, shrinking and sealing off the vein to prevent blood from flowing through. Research shows a success rate of 93% - 98% in individuals undergoing EVLA (based on clinical data).

Actual Procedure

  • Your veins are studied and mapped with an ultrasound scan by our vascular sonographer

  • The procedure will be performed by the specialist general surgeon at NZGS rooms

  • The treatment is performed under local anaesthetic and takes 60-90 minutes

  • A thin laser fibre is inserted into the varicose vein through a tiny entry point, usually below the knee

  • Laser energy is delivered to seal the varicose vein followed by a dedicated superselective Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy (UGS)

  • The patient is placed for a short perion of time on a pre-measured almost custom made graduated compression stockings

  • Walking immediately after the procedure is encouraged and recommended

  • Normal daily activity can be resumed, however avoid rigorous activities such as jogging and gym workouts

Some possible side effects of EVLT

  • Transient discolouration may occur

  • Discomfort over the treated vein may occur and can be treated with topical nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, walking, stretching, and graduated compression stockings

  • Small chance of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

Follow up and VIP program

A few weeks after treatment the patients will have their first clinical follow up appointment. There will be at least three follow up appointments throughout a 12 month period which will involve ultrasound scanning and possible UGS treatment. After 12 months patients will enter the VIP recall program. A letter for surveillance ultrasound scan will be sent every 1-2 years. 

EVLT & UGS Treatment Costs

EVLT and UGS are covered by most health insurers. NZGS is an affiliated provider for Southern Cross. NZGS works with all of the insurance companies.

Small surface or spider veins are considered cosmetic and are often not covered by insurance. When the patient meets the insurer's criteria the insurer approves the cost of the consultation, ultrasound scan and varicose vein treatment for the 12 month period. For those people that do not have insurance, please contact NZGS for an estimate and initial assessment to discuss options. 

NZ General Surgery and Medical Rick Cirolli MD. and Vascular Sonographer Bronwen Allen at work


Results may vary on individual basis

EVLA is the recommended treatment by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE - guidelines UK 2013).